Angel: Pejman Nozad


Pear VC Founding Managing Partner Pejman Nozad shares lessons from selling rugs as an immigrant to seeding 100+ co’s & 6 unicorns, staying disciplined & backing founders who want to make a difference.

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0:25 Jason talks about his book: Angel.
2:35 Introduction to the Pejman Nozad.
4:20 Pejman Nozad explains his “rags to riches” story. Growing up in Iran and coming to America with nothing.
8:42 Selling carpets to Venture Capitalists.
10:12 Pejman hosted Tech/Startup events in a rug store.
11:56 How Pejman met one of the greatest living VC’s.
12:51 Pejman explains the story of how he invested in Dropbox.
13:28 Andy Rubin (Founder of Android) buys carpets from Pejman.
15:55 Jason & Pejman talk about their first car.
16:38 The goodwill in Silicon Valley.
18:23 How Pejman missed investing into Facebook. Sean Parker was on the phone.
20:29 What signals do you look for before investing?
22:38 Your business can be destroyed in a day.
23:58 Jason explains the real skill in the world today.
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30:21 Why did you name your firm Pear VC?
31:55 What do you do when a portfolio company needs more money?
32:57 What are information rights?
34:46 Pejman: Ask for help.
36:24 How many companies do you meet with?
36:56 How do you stay disciplined in meetings?
38:10 How important is TAM, when identifying companies to invest in?
39:53 What milestones should you have accomplished in-order to get Series A funding?
42:13 What are your critical terms in a deal?
43:52 Should you have a Board of Directors at an early stage startup?
46:58 How did you meet Lending Club?
50:01 How did you meet Gusto?
51:39 How did you meet AppLovin?
52:15 How did you meet DoorDash?
53:15 What is your Due Diligence process?
54:30 What is a reference check?
55:44 How do you handle failure?
56:50 Jason explains the time he lost $70,000 playing poker.
1:01:39 Jason & Pejman discuss immigrants in America.
1:04:17 Pejman talks about his summer incubator accelerator.
1:07:02 Thank you to Pejman for coming on the show.
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