Angel: Andrea Zurek


Andrea Zurek, XG Ventures (Facebook, Twitter) & angel since 2006, shares startup selection criteria, lessons building Google, ideal terms & valuations, solving problems & finding right combination of money, fortitude & discipline.

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0:15 Introduction to Andrea Zurek.
2:24 What is XG Ventures?
3:20 Andrea describes the early days of Google.
4:35 Why did you decide to leave Google?
8:03 The advantage of Silicon Valley.
8:26 How did you source your deal flow?
10:09 Do founders want your money, knowledge, or network?
12:58 How do you look at deal terms?
13:58 How do you value companies in the early days?
15:57 What is a “Down Round” and How do you decide if you’re going to do a “down round”.
19:39 Andrea loves Pro-Rata.
19:52 What is the ratio of of companies you meet with v. making an investment?
21:13 How do you select startups to invest in?
24:58 People v. Markets?
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29:42 What audiobook is Jason listening to?
32:05 What are some intangibles that you look for in a founder?
34:15 What are some RED flags with deals?
38:04 What are your big hits?  
39:09 Andrea explains her thesis behind picking her winners.
42:29 Andrea explains some companies that sold too early.
44:55 Why you should care about your entrepreneurs.
46:38 What is your most frustrating investment?
51:09 Best advice for beginner accredited Angel Investors?
55:54 What do you love about Angel Investing?
57:23 Advice for non-accredited investors?
1:00:36 Spending 250k on a MBA v. Investing into startups.
1:01:21 Is there any difference being a female Angel Investor?
1:04:00 Andrea explains a company revolutionizing women’s bras.
1:05:25 Are female founders held to a higher standard of performance by male VCs?
1:06:50 Female founders are more prepared than men.
1:09:27 Founder University.
1:12:20 Thank you Andrea.

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